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Club Mar Del Plata Los Alcantilados

Location: Mar del Plata, Pcia. Bs. As.
Distance: 400 km de Buenos Aires
Par: 72
Yards: 6750

January 23, 1910 was inaugurated the head offices in Av. Luro and the coast. At first the club unfolded its activity in Park Camet, on a court of 9 holes designed by architect Alexis Makenzie. Upon averaging the decade of the '50s, the lands of Camet were expropriated.

January 1st 1956 a building destined to the social activities was opened and in that same year was initiated the first nine holes. Later the nine remainders were completed, that gave life to it known Yellow Course. Subsequently Agustin Posse and the capatáz Herminio Brunatti culminate the construction of the holes 19 to the 27. Jointly with the layout of the court went adapting, the forestation today counts on a curtain of 10,000 plants; of which some species are renewed constantly. The majority are species like pines, cypresses and, cedars.

The proximity of the Atlantic seaboard has not been obstacle for the conservation and maintenance of this wealth. The courts includes a special system for drainage, to avoid flooding. The Club organizes the traditional Copa de Oro Dr. Eugenio Blanco the third week of January, in honor of who was their president and in which the best amateurs of the country take party.