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Carilo Golf Club

Location: Carilo, Bs. As.
Distance: 350 km de Buenos Aires
Par: 73
Yards: 6.396

Construction of the first 9 holes began in the middle of the 70s decade under the design of Tomas Sanderson. The idea was to promote Carilo as a tourist destination and the golf would be one of its points of attraction. The second 9 holes began in 1995 and they were inaugurated in 1998. As departing data is the automatic irrigation in all the court. The ashes of Sanderson are widespread by the hole 8, such as he had requested it. Is a short layout but very tricky.

There is a marked difference among the first nine holes (inaugurated in the year 1976) with a British style and the second nine (year 1998) more American and modern. The greens are of small size in the 9 oldest holes and a little bit more generous in the 9 new ones. Its fairways are narrow and with many doglegs, that oblige the player to perform blind shots from the tee. The pars 5 are reachable in two shots. The defenses of this course are the rough, with herbs and sand; and the dense woods (maritime pines, cypresses, lambersianas and eucalyptuses, among others).